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During a recent conversation regarding database administration, I was asked whether I had a blog. I did not. This question continued to come up in my thoughts so I decided to take the plunge and create one.

About me ...

I have been working with relational databases since the early 1980's. My initial exposure was IBM's DB2. I recall my initial excitement with the immediate productivity gains that were experienced with structured query language and in particular joins and where clauses. I immediately saw how hundreds of lines of program code could just melt away when one could simply allow the database management system to find the appropriate matching bits on information from different data sources in a single statement.

Relational database simply allowed us to do more, do it more easily and do it faster.

Of course, those productivity gains opened the door to more challenges. The solutions to those challenges opened to door to more challenges and so on. The more you do, the more you need to do. That cycle has continued for several decades for me.

Technology keeps evolving and more tools emerging.

My current work position affords me the opportunity to work with Microsoft's SQL Server. I have also worked fairly extensively with Oracle's Database and IBM's Universal database on LUW.

Along the way I have learned a couple of things and I would expect to continue to do so. I would also like the opportunity to share some of my experiences and receive critical feedback regarding my ideas, observations and opinions.

This forum is my first attempt to do that

I invite anyone to join me and comment and I sincerely appreciate your consideration.

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